Split The Tab FAQ

Below are the most commonly asked questions about Split the Tab. If, after reading through them, you still have questions, feel free to contact us with them.

Q: What is Split the Tab?
A: Split the Tab is an application which facilitates the division and paying of a bill among a group of people.

Q: What makes Split the Tab so special?
A: Split the Tab uses current and emerging technologies to allow the use of multiple payment streams to help settle a bill.

Q: What payment methods does Split the Tab support?
A: Currently, Split The tab only supports payment via PayPal or cash. Later versions will support more payment methods.

Q: Is there a limit to how much money I can pay or receive with Split the Tab?
A: Depending on the payment method, there are restrictions. If you are using PayPal, you may only send or receive up to $1,000.00 per calendar month.

Q: Can Split the Tab be used to pay the Restaurant?
A: Currently, Split the Tab does not include that functionality, although later versions will support this.

Q: Where can I download Split The Tab?
A: Split the Tab can be downloaded from the Google Play store or purchased from the Apple Store: Apple Store

Q: Is Split the Tab free?
A: Split the Tab for Android is free for download in the Google Play store. Split the Tab for iOS can be downloaded for $0.99 in the Apple Store: Apple Store

Q: How do I remove the ads?
A: You can remove the ads by upgrading to the paid-for version. To do this, press the menu button and select “About”. On this screen you will see the “Upgrade” button. This will take you to the Play Store where you can complete your transaction.

Q: Where do I find the Credits/License Agreement/Privacy Policy/App Information?
A: Press the menu button, and select “About”. You can select the relevant tab at the top of the screen. You can also access the Split the Tab Privacy Policy here.

Q: Does Split The Tab support Wifi?
A: Yes, Split the Tab can use Wifi to connect to other Android and iOS devices. All devices must be on the same wifi network (i.e. if the restaurant’s wifi is KitchenPalace everyone should be connected to KitchenPalace) and all devices wanting to connect via wifi must have wifi enabled on their device.

Q: Does Split The Tab support Bluetooth?
A: Bluetooth support is currently in beta for Split The Tab. While Split The Tab can use Bluetooth to connect to other Android devices, it may not work properly for some devices. It is recommended that your party pre-pair devices via Bluetooth prior to using Split The Tab if you want to use Bluetooth to connect. If you do not pre-pair devices, then on starting the app, you will be prompted to turn Bluetooth on and to allow your phone to be discoverable by other devices for a period of 300 seconds. You must select ‘Yes’ on these prompts to connect to the other devices in your group. We welcome your feedback on using Bluetooth with Split The Tab; please contact us with your experiences and suggestions.

Q: I keep receiving this weird message ‘An app wants to make your phone visible to other Bluetooth devices for 300 seconds’
A: This is saying that Bluetooth would like to send your Display Name to the other Collectors and Contributors in order for them to find you and connect to you. Please read the section entitled Bluetooth for more information.

Q: Do I need to enter a PayPal Email?
A: No. The first time you launch the app,, it will search for the name linked with your primary email account and assume that that is your PayPal email. You will be asked to confirm that this is the correct email address to use for PayPal. If you do not want to use PayPal, delete this address. This field notifies the other devices running Split the Tab that they can pay you with the supplied email address through PayPal. You can update this at any time by using the menu button and selecting Settings from the menu.

Q: Am I allowing Split The Tab access to my PayPal account?
A: No. If you choose to submit a payment via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal, where you will be able to log into your account and submit the payment.

Q: Under what name will my phone be displayed?
A: The first time you launch the app, it will search for the name linked with your primary email account. This will be used as an identifier through Bluetooth and Wifi that other Split the Tab users can identify you with. Your Display Name can updated at any time by using the menu button and selecting Settings from the menu.

Q: What is a Collector?
A: The Collector is the person who hosts the tab. The Collector receives payments from the Contributors and pays out the money to the restaurant or other establishment.

Q: How do I start a tab?
A: Press the ‘Start Tab’ button to start a Tab as the Collector.

Q: How do I invite guests to my tab?
A: Once you have pressed ‘Start a Tab’, your device will search for other devices running Split the Tab. When you are ready to do so, you can see a list of these guests by pressing the ‘Invite Guests’ button. Potential guests will be listed in the middle of the screen, along with their display names and an ‘Invite’ button for each one. Pressing the ‘Invite’ button next to the person(s) you wish to invite, will send a message to their device, inviting them to join your Tab (When using Bluetooth to connect, Split the Tab will ask you to pair the devices if they are not already paired). Split the Tab will adjust the Group Size field to show how many Contributors (including the Collector) have joined the Tab. If you would like to return to the bill section, please select the ‘Edit Tab’ button.

Q: Filling in the tab (Collector)
A: Enter the amount of the bill in the Total field. You can enter a specific amount for the tip in the Tip field, or you can allow Split the Tab to automatically calculate the tip for you. By default, Split the Tab will calculate a 15% tip, but you can adjust the Tip Slider on the left to change it to any percentage from 0% to 100%. You can adjust the number of people contributing by pressing the Group Size arrows. (This will only be necessary when there are members of your group who do not have the Split the Tab app. Contributors who have used the app to join your Tab will be automatically accounted for.)

Q: Requesting payment from guests (Collector)
A: Once you have filled in the Tab and your guests have joined, press the ‘Request Payment’ button to send a request for payment from all Contributors on your tab.

Q: Receiving payment from guests (Collector)
A: Once you have requested a payment, you will be on a screen which has the total amounts requested of the contributors. You should wait on this screen, as payment confirmations will display next to each contributor’s name along with the amount paid, number of people they paid for, and payment type.

Q: What is a Contributor?
A: Contributors are the guests who join the Collector’s tab and pay their money to the Collector.

Q: How do I join a tab?
A: To join a tab, simply press the “Join a Tab” button. Once you are on the Join a Tab screen, you can either choose to wait for an invite from a Collector or you can proactively join someone else’s tab by pressing the “Join” button next to the name of the Collector who is hosting your tab. When joining a tab, you will be asked to specify the number of people you are paying for (in case you are paying for multiple people). When you have finished with this window, a request will be sent to the Collector in order for them to either allow or deny you access to their tab.

Q: How do I submit a payment? (Contributor)
A: When all Contributors have joined and the Tab information has been entered, the Collector will press ‘Request Payment’ to request a payment from all Contributors. A new screen will launch which will show you the following:

If you do not agree with the amount(s), you may change the amount of both your tab and tip at this time. You must then select a form of payment by choosing the radio button next to the type you would like to use, and then select “Send Payment”.

Q: How do I know whether I sent/received money through PayPal correctly?
A: Please access your PayPal account either on your mobile device or computer. You can see all pending/completed transactions there.